% Latex for Photo Album
% Adapted from http://redskiesatnight.com/books/pod/latex-templates-for-pod-publishing-with-blurb-com/
% Richard Hill http://retu.be


% Font configuration is factored out

% Geometry package is a much more reasonable way to set margins in LaTeX
% for Blurb, set this to the actual desired size as indicated by the
% size calculator on their web site
\usepackage[paperwidth=8.125in, paperheight=10.25in, 
	    % amount we 'lose' (visually) due to the binding
            % left and right pages are offset a bit to the sides
            % (typically looks better for most kinds of bindings)
            % set total to the dimensions of the printed part
            % include header/footer/margin notes in printed area
            twoside, includeall, nomarginpar,
            ignorehead=false, ignorefoot=false, ignoremp=false,
            % center printed area on page
            vcentering, hcentering]{geometry}

% Footer configuration 

% Header configuration

\title{Hill Family Album 2013}
\author{Richard Hill}

% PDF/X-3 stuff necessary for Blurb when using pdflatex
% ICC color profiles are embedded in the images
/Title (Hill Family Album 2013)   
/Author (Richard Hill)       
/Subject (Family Photo Album)          
/Keywords (Hill Family Album)
/Trapped (False)
/GTS_PDFXVersion (PDF/X-3:2002)
% Must have a trim box, but I think Blurb ignores the values
\pdfpageattr{%/MediaBox [0 0 693.36000 594.00000]
/TrimBox [0.00000 9.00000 684.36000 585.00000]}
/OutputIntents [ <<
/Info (none)
/Type /OutputIntent
/OutputConditionIdentifier (Blurb.com)
/RegistryName (http://www.color.org/)
>> ]

% Paragraph indentations

% Amount of space before each new paragraph begins

% Comment to force even justification



% Interior front page


{\Huge Hill Family Annual 2013}


{\Large !!All our names here!! }


% Next page is blank (the reverse side of the front page)

% To start page count on the next page (i.e first image page)




% Images latex